Swisslog is a global automation solutions company that designs and implements large-scale robotics hardware and software solutions for health systems, warehouses, and distribution centers. They have customers in more than 50 countries and are headquartered in Buchs/Aarau, Switzerland.

Business Problem

Onboarding employees at Swisslog requires a vast amount of domain knowledge concerning a wide array of solutions they provide. Swisslog sought a way to shorten that onboarding time and make new employees more effective, faster.

CI Contribution

CI evaluated the current training materials used by Swisslog employees to train new engineers. Although a great deal of information was available, it was not presented in a way that could easily be transferred, and much of it was designed for in-person training. CI recommended that Swisslog invest in a Learning Management System (LMS), and, with our help, develop eLearning modules that could transfer this domain knowledge more efficiently and in a trackable manner.


CI worked with Swisslog personnel from around the world to develop eLearning templates, including branding and format standards, and subsequently 20 new eLearning modules to ease onboarding and simplify knowledge transfer. The curriculum became a part of their onboarding process.