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Tips for Better Proofreading

Remember when you wrote that brilliant – no, life-changing – article you were excited to share with the world, only to discover after it went to press that your argument was undermined by typos? You agonized over your diction, syntax, and tone, while simultaneously composing a natural masterpiece that would cause a flood of single tears to be shed across the nation. Countless hours were spent scrubbing for errors until they were all eradicated…or so you thought.

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How to Effectively Work from Home Without Becoming a Hermit

“How do you get any work done?” and “Don’t you get lonely?” are the first questions I’m asked after telling anyone that I work remotely. Telecommuters actually tend to be 15-55% more productive according to Global Workplace Analytics. And, of course, there are many other benefits to working from home: my morning commute is 10 seconds, my work attire primarily consists of sweatshirts and yoga pants, and I have access to a fully stocked kitchen (my growing waistline suggests this may be a con). However, it’s not all freedom and guiltless snacking, it can be lonely and requires a lot of discipline. Not everyone is hardwired to do it.
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