Throughout your career, there will be times that will be exciting and fulfilling, and other times when you may feel you’ve lost your mojo. When you fall into a rut, it can become increasingly difficult to perform at your best. Here are some ways to shake things up and reignite the passion for your job.

Switching up even one aspect of your typical routine can do the trick. If you work remotely, try bringing your laptop somewhere different. Work outside for an hour, scope out a new cafe or utilize a new environment to spark creativity. If you work at an office, try a new route to work. Challenge yourself to notice three landmarks you’ve never noticed on your usual commute. If you dress to music every morning, get ready in silence or vice versa. There are countless ways to freshen up a stale routine and jump-start your creative thinking process.

Another way to shift your mindset is to improve your current perspective. Gratitude reignites the passion for anything in life. Even if it’s only five minutes, set time aside to focus on what you are most thankful for about your job. Put pen to paper, record a voice note or email yourself the aspects you appreciate most. When you’re feeling uninspired, this exercise can seem difficult but all the more reason to put a list together. Your job likely allows you many luxuries and, even if you aren’t enjoying a current assignment, adaptability will further your career.

We also suggest connecting with others who work in your field. If you’re not feeling inspired, seek inspiring people. From conferences and industry events to Facebook groups and meetups, there are many opportunities to unite with others. Plenty of options exist for creating contacts in person, online, or both. Whether you work in office or remotely, it’s beneficial to have a support system. Speaking to an impassioned associate in your field can be a reminder of why you started working in the first place.

The ten-time NCAA championship coach, John Wooden, used to say “Little things make big things happen.” These tips are simple yet powerful and the positive results will speak for themselves.

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