To kick off 2015, Consistent Image officially opened its brand new east coast office in historic Annapolis, Maryland, about a half hour outside of both Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. As CI continues to grow, we are excited to have a true presence in the heart of the sailing capital of the U.S., right off of Church Circle, a few short blocks away from the top of Main Street and the famous Maryland Inn, where celebrities, politicians, and tourists have been staying since the 1700s.
Surrounded by red-bricked streets and buildings that are several hundred years old, within walking distance from the United States Naval Academy and the National Sailing Hall of Fame, Annapolis is the perfect east coast counterpart to CI’s company headquarters in La Jolla, California.

Other Annapolis tourist attractions include the Historic Annapolis Museum, Quiet Waters Park, and Ego Alley, a narrow harbor showcasing an endless parade of luxury yachts and sailboats. The city also features a large offering of art galleries, museums, and quaint boutiques that attract tourists and locals alike. Some of Maryland’s main government buildings are also nearby, including the Maryland State House, the oldest state house still fully operational for legislative use in the country, and also the infamous site of George Washington’s resignation before the continental congress in December of 1783. Some other historical sites worth seeing: the Banneker-Douglass Museum on Franklin Street, a Gothic-Revival style church originally built in 1875 memorializing Maryland’s African-American roots, named after Benjamin Banneker and Frederick Douglass. You can also visit the recently renovated Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse overlooking the Chesapeake Bay, or tour St. Anne’s Church, the first church built in Annapolis back in 1704.

Annapolis has been the home to a number of notable figures including signee of the Declaration of Independence and former Maryland Governor William Paca, crime novelist James M. Cain, Patriots head coach and archenemy of the moral universe Bill Belicheck, whose father was a coach for the Navy football team. Most of Netflix’s House of Cards is filmed in various locations in Annapolis (a few weeks ago, at the start of summer, the town was abuzz after news hit of a local casting call for extras to appear on the show). They also once filmed a movie here! You might recall Harrison Ford in the Jack Ryan thriller Patriot Games, dodging an Irish assassin right on King George Street outside the walls of the Naval Academy.

CI looks forward to future years of growth and success in its new East coast home, partaking in local events, connecting with friends and other local businesses, and enjoying all that Annapolis has to offer. As a longtime resident and frequent Annapolis weekender, the town has always felt like a second home, so after previous work commutes to Washington, D.C. and Columbia, MD, having the rare opportunity to work smack dab in the heart of the charming Maryland capital feels like a much anticipated homecoming.

By Collin Myers

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